DP 4985 Buckeburg

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The design will have you reminiscing about a wonderful time period in our history - Baroque. It's design was inspired by the original Baroque Saddle from the Marstall-Museum of the Princely School of Riding Art in Bueckeburg, Germany. Historian, breathtaking design on the outside - and the most modern, innovative development inside, a saddle, that will allow you to ride perfectly in balance, provide a deep seat, minimalistic aids and an optimum distribution of weight. Like most of our Baroque saddles, this saddle is equipped with DP Saddlery's highly innovative Ultra-Flex tree with fully adjustable gullet via our patented allen wrench system, which has a 5 year warranty on the tree. 

Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree

Gullet: completely adjustable gullet width
Seat size: S3
Saddle leather: Chestnut

Seat Leather: Black Nubuck Hardware: brass, stainless steel
Panels: velcro, exchangeable panels

Weight: approximately 20 lbs.
Saddle length: approximately 21 inches
Length of flap: approximately 17 inches
Specials: soft knee area