DP 5425 Majestro

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 The Majestro combines an English saddle with the advantages of a baroque saddle in an innovative way. Particularly comfortable for the horse: the heels on the tree increase the contact area and thus ensure better pressure distribution. Of course, our proven, continuously adjustable gullet is also installed in this model. In combination with different, adaptable panel types, the saddle offers optimal adaptability to the horse's back. At just 6 kg (13.2 lb), it is a real lightweight. The minimalist construction of the mono-flap saddle saves weight on one hand, and brings you close to the horse on the other. The shape of the long, soft knee roll hugs your leg comfortably - without giving you the feeling of being constricted. The Majestro is ideal for dressage work, but also offers the best grip on the speed trail, in cattle work or on the trails, thanks to the large rolls.

Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree

Gullet: completely adjustable gullet width

Seat size: S2

Panel type: Form Panel (Woolfelt Inlay and Foam Inlay combination, can be wool flocked)

Saddle Leather: Brown

Seat Leather: Brown Nappa

Hardware: Brass

Weight: approximately 17.5 lbs.

Saddle length: approximately 19.3”

Weight-bearing surface: 18.5"

Specials: solid knee blocks, Mono-Flap, adjustable gullet, adjustable channel width

(accessories such as girth, leathers, and irons sold separately)