Fitting Grid

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This is our absolute favorite fitting tool, and it can be used for so much more than just saddle fit! 

We feel like every horse owner should have one of these grids on hand and here is why; horse’s bodies change continuously. From growing, to a mature horse building muscle and top line, or gaining a little extra fat for the winter then toning up for the working season, their bodies change more than we sometimes realize.

This grid allows us to periodically recheck the saddle fit to make sure that our saddles are still fitting properly through these changes. 

You also can use this to simply monitor changes in your horse not related to a saddle. Such as working to build top line, or build shoulder. Using this grid allows you to check for a difference in your horse and adjust your workout or diet accordingly if you are not seeing the results, or if you have accomplished your goal.

This grid can be remodeled over and over to use for multiple horses, or for monitoring the changes in 1 horse’s body.