Christ Cloud Spezial Plus

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There are a variety of pre-made Christ Saddles available in the U.S. at almost all times. We have access to this inventory and can get any of those saddles for you within 5 business days usually. 

Please contact us to inquire about availability. 

The "CLOUD spezial plus" Fur saddle is made entirely of sheepskin on the underside.
30mm wool in the seat area and 15mm on the sides, just like our "special" saddle pads. It has a saddle flap and sweat flap which allows the use of detachable knee blocks, which are fixed by Velcro. These give additional support and allow gymnastic jumps. The cantle receives its fit by a special composite foam core which is already formed as a seat. As with all of the fur saddles, stirrups can be attached. Composite foam inserts are included as standard.

SIZE: WB (Large), PO (Medium)

All Christ items are final sales and are non-returnable, due to the fact that they will fit virtually every horse and do not require a trial period.