Horse Trailer Flooring

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Hoof Grip offers a slip resistant, porous surface. Our proprietary-colored rubber is poured in place and hand troweled to give you the highest quality finish.

 Not only does Hoof Grip keep your horses from slipping when being transported, it also allows urine and water to flow through, allowing you to never need to use shavings again. With not needing to use shavings, it eliminates the small particles that horse’s breath in while being in transport. Now that your horses’ lungs are not irritated from the shaving particles, they are more likely to perform better for you.

 Hoof Grip flooring gives horses 50 times more shock absorption that conventional trailer mats. Our flooring is permanently installed and does not move when the trailer is in motion. With your horse being transported on a mat that does not move, slip resistant and more shock absorbent, you are less likely to have a stiff and sore horse when taking them off the trailer.

 We all want our horses to perform at their best, so it’s a simple choice to install a Hoof Grip floor to help your horses get to your next event safe and ready to perform at their best.

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