Our Farm

We have a small farm located outside of Columbus North Carolina. The farm was given the name SS Farm for several reasons. SS is a play on so many things that tell you a little about us. Most importantly SS stands for Soothing Souls. The animals that are in our family have always soothed and calmed our souls. They provide us with an unconditional love and calm, that makes the tough times in life a little easier to cope with. Also, because almost all of our animals were brought out of horrific conditions, soothing their Soul is also what we strive to do for them. SS also stands for Swadley and Smith for our family pride. There are even more ways that SS ties into who we are, but the ones that I just told you are the most important and dear to us.

SS Farm is home to horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, and cats. Each one of them are valued members of our family and do everything we can to provide them with nothing but the best. Quite a few of our residents have had very hard pasts and require a lot of specialized care. Also, we felt the need to do something meaningful with what we are blessed enough to have, so we started a small breeding program of American Cream Draft Horses. Being the only Draft horse that originated in the United States, as well as being a critically endangered breed, influenced us to help try to save such amazing horses from extinction. Our animals deserve every second, dollar, drop of sweat, and tear that is shed to give them the best life possible. We owe it to them, and the generations to come!