Livestock Trailer Flooring


Just like in horse trailers, Hoof Grip offers a slip resistant floor that keeps your livestock safe while in transport.

 Anyone who has hauled cattle with conventional mats, knows that their mats are most likely closer to the ceiling than where they were when the cattle were loaded. And the cleanup from hauling cattle, no one ever really wants to do.

 When installing a Hoof Grip floor, you know your mats are going to be in the same place as when you loaded the cattle, cause the mats are permanent.

 Cleaning your trailer just became easier with Hoof Grip. You can leave the trailer for a few days before cleaning it, with Hoof Grip flooring being porous it allows air to circulate from the bottom and helps to dry out the manure. Simply shovel your trailer out and not feel like you need a hose down before your allowed back in the house.

With loading and unloading cattle, Hoof Grip offers a quieter floor. Cattle load easier and are less likely to slip when coming on and off the trailer, keeping your cattle safe from injury.

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