Fat Dog Farm: Tails of Farm Failures

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Fat Dog Farm: Tails of Farm Failures illustrates the many mishaps as Aleah and Andrew navigate city life to farm life. The book showcases the multi-species family and subsequent farm calamities. We all love a good failure, don’t we? This is a humorous, inspirational tale of back-to-the-land dreams that encounter some challenging, but ultimately surmountable rough patches of reality. 

The tale begins in their urban home in Asheville, North Carolina when Andrew’s brother suddenly drops off his dog, a Great Pyrenees mixed breed, named Samosa. As Andrew and Aleah navigate their relationship, life shifts from a downtown city space to acreage, thanks to Samosa. Aleah is the dreamer and optimist; Andrew applies the practical and financial brakes, which are needed often for the farm dream to mature. 

The story chronicles their first six years of homesteading in Tryon, North Carolina. What do you get when two suburbanites naively bring several farm species into their lives and hearts? Excitement, sad times, and failures, but a few successes, too. Each chapter relives the many fiascos that incur while living close to the land and caretaking livestock. The journey revealed becomes the muse for Aleah’s first book. 


About the Author Aleah Wicks

Aleah has a Master's Degree in Acupuncture from Northwestern Health Sciences University. After nearly two decades in the business, including working alongside several prestigious medical doctors, Aleah took a leap of faith. Competent in the medical world, she let it go to focus on the unknown--life as a farmer. She and her husband currently live on 18 acres in Tryon, NC. Fat Dog Farm has housed horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and mini cows, as well as cats and dogs, all of which were inspiration for her first book.