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The DBH "Max" Latch is phenominal and built like nothing else out there on the market. Whether you have a 2000# plus Draft Horse, a Bull, or just want the "WOW" factor in your castle, this is it! Built on 1/2" plate steel with a 1 1/4" solid steel sliding bolt; forged loops! Mount with 1/2" carriage bolt or lag screw (not included). Both the ease of use, the finish, and the decorative artist designed style make this a must have. We're not able to pull this one out at showings without a gasping "Ohhh Daaang!" or something similar. The prototype for this "Max" Latch is featured on our Home page with Mr. Mark rubbing his butt on it - showing that once installed it's actually not overwhelming but just right. Weighing in at 24.5 pounds, believe it or not, due to the design and craftsmanship the sliding bolt provides ease of use. You'll love it, so will the future generations to come!